the Bucket Bag



Footloose and fancy free, our Bucket Bag refuses to be confined to one room in the house. In fact, we’ve personally known a few to finagle their way into a car, an office, and a classroom. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, nursery, living room—we’re thinking they should probably arrive with a passport. While they come on all soft and cuffable, don’t be misled, their sides stand at attention, ready to collect whatever is pitched, tossed or purposely arranged into them.

Each bag is individually made, so no two are exactly alike

  • Small 10" diam x 13" H, uncuffed

Feel free to freely use this bag. Its versatility and sturdy good looks will make a lasting impression, but drips, crumbs and whoopsies won’t. For best results, we recommend machine washing in cold water on the gentle cycle. Machine dry on medium heat for 5–10 minutes to remove excess moisture, and then remove from the dryer while still damp to re-shape and cuff. Hang to dry completely.

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